Training for marginalised women

Amani Ya Juu is a sanctuary in Nairobi in more ways than one. Behind an inconspicuous gate lies a gorgeous garden cafe, with what may be the best salads in Nairobi, sweet staff and a playground for children. Step inside the store and you’ll walk out with a smile after a chat and a hug with Maggie, and some new handicrafts you didn’t know you needed.

Amani is a fair trade sewing and economic development program for marginalized women in Africa, training women in craft skills to improve livelihoods. 65,000 shillings was donated to refurbish the training facilities at Amani Ya Juu to ensure their training programs can continue.

During the brunch event our regular volunteers Jay and Alice were shadowed by Pop-Up Nairobi trainees Steve and Bancy (pictured) to learn the skills of waiting tables.