We like to meet our suppliers and ensure we use the freshest, most natural produce available.

Meet our Suppliers:

Brown’s Cheese – a family ran company since a cheese craving led to the development of a delicious brie in 1982. Anyone with cheese cravings as strong as ours is tops in our books. Every litre of milk is tested before being accepted and strong hygiene standards are met with every batch of cheese tested. Their stone blue makes us drool.

The Well Hung Butcher – If your cows are happy, killed ethically, hung and aged before cooking your meat is tender and delicious. The Well Hung Butcher’s philosophy is to source the finest naturally raised beef and lamb and offer the product from farm to table.

Ithanji – Diana and Paul have two chicken farms, raising layers and broilers on their acres. The chickens live in barns but are let out at 2pm each day for a run around in the sun before going back inside at sundown. The eggs have gorgeous deep yellow yolks and the chicken is tender and flavourful like you only get from happy chickens.

Karunguru Coffee – With the first coffee plants planted in the 1920‘s by the then residents, an Australian family, this farm has a rich history. Moving out during independence the farm returned to Kenyan ownership. The current family have been there since the 1970’s, with coffee spread over 350 acres of gorgeous farmland. 4 generations live at the farm, and they have recently begun running tours, and roasting their own beans.